Fully Fashioned Havana Black - £25.00

Our luxury, classic black Havana heel stockings are genuine fully fashioned, made on the original machines from the 1950s. Every stocking is seamed by a highly skilled machinist.  They're the real thing: 100% nylon with genuine welt and distinctive finishing loop.

The Havana heel is similar to the Cuban, with a squared off reinforced heel, but the reinforcement on the Havana is shorter and wider, and the reinforcement under the foot is narrower.

Feel their irresistible caress for the ultimate in luxury and authenticity.


Forget modern hosiery sizes. Fully-fashioned are 100% Nylon. The only stretch is in the knit when made. This is why the stocking looks very long when taken from the packet. The length will go when pulled on the foot and up the leg. The thicker a calf or thigh the more length is lost. The size guide is based on a shapely leg.  If you are slim legged we recommend you choose one size smaller. 

Sizing guide (inches/cms) 

XS- 4'11" to 5'3" /150cm to 160cm with very slender leg
S - 4'11" to 5'3" /150cm to 160cm 
M - 5'4" to 5'9" / 163cm to 173cm 
L - 5'9" to 6" /173cm to 182cm 


Stockings should be put on with cotton gloves if possible to reduce damage. Wash them by hand in mild detergent and position without creases when drying. 

Wear your stockings with a good quality belt preferably with six or more suspenders which will reduce movement of the seam.



This item is in stock and ready to dispatch. Wrapped in luxurious tissue paper. Discreet packaging.



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