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Satyr Black Flogger - £170.00

The Satyr Flogger is the jewel in the crown of the Model Traitor range of Satyr whips.

Used with skill to its full capability it can subject your lover to the full spectrum of the submissive, erotic experience from tickle and tease to punishment and pain.

As with all the Model Traitor Satyr range this beautiful item has a handle crafted from English beech hardwood and adorned with a solid brass ferrule.  The 24 leather strands of the flogger are made from selected Moroccan leather.

In the hands of the sensitive dominant this precious instrument can finesse the whole range of the sensuous chastisement experience.

Handmade in the UK


Measures 64cm total length. Handle diameter at widest point: 4.3cm


Due to the special tanning process of our leathers, some colour transfer may occur. We advise you to avoid contact with light color garments or furniture.


This item is in stock and ready to dispatch. Packed in luxurious tissue paper. Discreet packaging.


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