Medium Spreader Bar - £137.00

The Model Traitor Medium Spreader bar measures 62cm in length and can be simply attached to any bondage items with a D-Ring such as wrist or ankle cuffs and collars.

Handcrafted using a natural wooden bar that has been stained in a non toxic black dye with solid gold brass end clips that allow for easy use and quick release.

This bar has endless possibilities: When applied to the wrists, the bar keeps the arms spread away from the body, providing unimpeded access to the subject’s torso. When applied between the ankles or thighs to hold the subject’s legs in a spread-eagle position, it immobilizes the subject as well as placing them in the most vulnerable position of exposure.

Use with caution.

Handmade in Berlin

Cuffs not included.


This item is in stock and ready to dispatch. Discreet packaging.



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